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Can't wait, had it booked since last August and i think this year has flown by. I'm off to Santa Ponsa on Monday for a week, first holiday since 2012 so will be nice to get away and enjoy life without internet and family drama and what not. Also the first holiday abroad where its just me, the missus and daughter....last few times abroad have been with family or friends or for a wedding etc so the location wasn't our choice etc.


Anyone been there before? if so was it good if not where would you recommend for next year (not turkey though as its too close for my liking to Syria).


Roll on next week :D

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Have a good trip m8 , I was gonna say let your hair down but I reckon there's a good chance you've got non :)


It's abit expensive but I like Florida. I'm not a beach lounger type, I can't stay still for omre than 5 mnis so Florida suits me fine. A week in Orlando then a week at Treasure Island , beaches to die for not a soul on them




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Haha, i actually have very little hair left on top and cut it all to grade 0 so good call. :D


I'm not a lounger myself and have found a jungle park (go ape sort of thing) about 2-3km from our hotel and a water park which is 6km from the hotel........thats 2 days sorted, happy days. :D


Really looking forward to it tbh, sort of feel like i did as a kid on xmas eve, this year has gone so quick but this week is fooking dragging. lol


Daughter wants to go Florida too but for Disney world....i told her good luck with paying for that one. :)


This holiday is 1 week before my Daughters school breaks up...We were happy to pay the £60 fine as it was way cheaper than going the following week, but as that case (the one that guy won but then lost) was going on when we informed the school the school/council stopped all fines and even though the guy lost in the end the school/council in my area wont restart them till the next school year as they think its unfair to charge some parents and not others etc. So that was a nice bonus. :)

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