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Blind Tyrone man caught in cattle barn with rubber glove and broom shaft


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While he was being held, Morris, who had a torch strapped to his head and was also carrying blue rope and a pen knife, put on a foreign accent and said: “Me-me-steal-ear-tags. Me-me-look-at-tags.”




Morris’ crazy claims included:

  • his balaclava, made from the leg of old tracksuit bottoms, was a “face warmer” he had lifted by mistake instead of a woollen cap;
  • the wooden shaft was to help him keep his balance because medication made him dizzy;
  • the rubber glove was already in the body warmer and he used it to clean fungi out of a water barrel; and
  • he always carries a pen knife to open food for his 17 cats.



its not even one of these satire news site either.


(checked for not being in the rant section lol)



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