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whats your jargon


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i do the rota/schedule in work for the people in my team.

i basically just ask them if theyve booked any holidays or would like any special days off in the comming month then do the schedule round about their needs. usually its quite straight forward.


now ive got to write into a job discription what it is i actually do and ive been told to "flesh it out a bit" ie make it sound complicated and all management like.


so anyone any idea what shit i can put down, ive got to do it with quite a few things and its bursting me nut tbh

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i meant more kind of enhancing the actual doing of the schedule mate.


i ended up writing "Collating holidays and requested time off by staff and compiling the department schedule for the coming month taking into account differing opening times and days."


ive got loads more of this shit to do but itl boost my wages by about £3 an hour when i get it done

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