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T2 Trainspotting


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Struggling at the moment to get through this. Original was one of the best, but this is another fucking sequel that should not have been made. Bad would be an understatement.





Got to the end.


If you wanted to watch it cos u saw the first and wanted nostalgia, then you get that, but the film is shit.


If you never watched the first, then it is just abysmal. 


FFS, what were these guys thinking with this shit, it was terrible. Really bad, if u were a fan, then this will spoil it. Leave it alone and remind yourself how good the original was.

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as with the original (and with most things really) the films didnt do the books justice at all.


i suppose there some things that just dont translate to film and some scenees would be unfilmable(?) really.


they added way too much nostalgia about the 1st movie imo which kind of made it a sad reminiscing afair

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