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Indira Gandhi?


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was sitting out the back getting burnt to buggery yesterday, having a few ciders and a wee smoke, couple of mates round after work etc


gets to about 8pm and one of them pipes up "what about that Indira Gandhi eh"

i says what about her?

"the thing with the terrorist" he spouts


now this guy is notorius for no being the brightest to say the least.


so im trying to remember my 1980s incidents n me n my other mate are just looking at one and other, we have a quick convo

assisinated early 80s we think, something to do with a temple in india,  she wasnt related to the original gandhi etc etc, ykno the type of thing where you spout out everything you know about something in 10 seconds


then mr "what about indira" steps in all annoyed, "not the fuckin indian woman" "the one that was bombed"!!!!!!!!


we're like wtf you on about.....he just thinks we're ripping the piss out him so he goes " in fuckin manchester you pair of pricks"!!!!!!


in unison we both shout ARIANA GRANDE not fuckin indira gandhi


cue millions of laughter and a huffy red face for the rest of the night.


and these coonts get ot vote too  :dodgy:

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Good un :)

my 16 year old daughter got tonnes of common sense but I hate to say it , she's thick as sh*t when it comes to knowledge. We were talking about the Manchester bombing and ISIS and I mentioned the word Propaganda within the conversation regarding ISIS. She looks at me with the tilted head like a dog does when it's confused and says, "Whats that ? so my finger goes into the air to start explaining the meaning of the word and before the first word of my sentence comes out my mouth she says , "Weed ?",

At this point I left the room and back to my summer chair with Strongbow in hand

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haha kids eh.


our stage manager told a member of the crew to clean up the residue on stage once.

guys walking about bewildered for 10 mins doing nothing so the SM asks him why hes not done yet and the guy shouts "i dont even know what residue is"


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