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Who's a millionaire?

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I wish. Not done bad though.

Bought £20 worth back in 2012 and spent it randomly since. Just checked and what's left is worth just shy of £600.


TBF it's only value is what you spend on the day although if there's a lifetime deal on any specific software now would be a good time to buy with bitcoin.


/me goes for a little look around.

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I've got, or had 4 and a bit bitcoins in a wallet at one time (prety much jumped on it when it was released but lost heart in it...FOOL) , no clue what happened to them and i wasn't arsed as it wasn't a mega load. lol If only i'd kept a record of the wallet etc, lost forever now though. :( 8 grands worth down th drain....mad.

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Maybe the daily fail has Diane abbott doing the figures........Their numbers are totally out.


£77 of bitcoin in 2010 @ £0.008/coin gives you 9625 coins


Today each is £2050 so 9625 x 2000 = £19,250,000


Where they get £56,000,000 from is beyond me.


Daily fail say that with just £1.38 of bitcoin from 2010 you'd be a millionaire????...well my math tells me £1.38 of bitcoind bought in 2010 is around £345,000 today.

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