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Important: Spice Up / Sister Forum / Changes

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I think we can all agree it's been quiet here, a few posts and words have gone on behind the scenes to try and keep things going long term, one was to cut everything back and focus on one topic, another was to tone all the topics back and make it cleaner so we decided to give this one a shot.


1) A few of the mods / admins have been toned down, where it's so quiet we don't want to waste their time so we will re-evaluate if things start to improve.


2) Some topics you will notice have been hidden (reason for in a bit) to again clean down the forum and make posts a bit more concentrated.


3) A sister forum has been created (work in progress) with a focus on another subject (announced at the bottom!), this is to try and keep 2 themes but share the users over both and to keep it clean (still one in my eyes).


4) Some random tweaks on the back-end, silly things like colors of names, titles have been done as well...


Now for the themes: 


Datashack (https://www.datashack.co.uk): All tech related, I have left a few little ones on here but might even break them out if no interest continues, I really wanted to focus on the only thing that seems to hit most of us and that is the engineering / technological side of things.


Bettingshack (http://www.bettingshack.co.uk/): You guessed it, a forum dedicated to making money with betting, from free money, to tips, help, newbie guides the lot - I did have a look around for other forums but nothing seemed to be concrete, it was drips and drabs all over the place (even some people asking for decent forums) so I am hoping once some content gets on there and mods we can get some users, who will in turn see datashack as well and join here as well...


So, if you fancy it join up to the sister forum as well, it's new and still needs work but any content on it will be welcomed and ideas also!


I hope to hell that it does something for the community's, it's getting more difficult to get active users with social media being the primary catalyst.


On that note - Thank you all for your continued support in the forum, share the knowledge, learn, and above all, drink beer.


The Team!

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