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Resident Evil 7 PC Review (4K Ultra HD)


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Ok here's another one for you all, this time we take a look at Resident Evil 7, a quite surprisingly good game which has amazing allure qualities to it.


Now this is my 1st attempt at capturing a 4k video, i've noticed it's a little jerky places, and I am sure a little tweaking will sort that, but it's perfectly viewable,


So sit back , grab the popcorn , and enjoy :)


Here's the link if you're interested....


Resident Eviil 7 PC


Slim :D

oh btw, if the 4k stream buffers, it means it's still being transcoded in the youtube datacentres, best thing to do would be to drop it down to 1080p or wait till tomorrow for the 4k version


technology aint perfect yet lol



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