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pine64 ideas


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hi guys


need a little feedback on this exciting development board,why did i choose this over the raspberry pi ? well its 64 bit and it has luscious 4k output, and other impressive specs


now i am after a psu, and a nice quality case,also what should i use it for,i though of setting up a nas on it, or maybe some kinda retro gaming system :)


all in all it should be fun tinkering with this


so what are your thoughts people ? did i do the right thing :S


Slim :D

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ok m8 deal,


i reckon the wiki is a good place to start :)




everything seems to be here that i need, i will start by putting ubuntu 16.04 on it,cant go wrong with that, then it should be a case of downloading some nas sw to the os and connecting an array of hard drives, and hello and welcome to raid array nas city :)


well i hope its simple as that lol


getting quite excited now :) and also i wil do an unboxing vid later on when i am back in my main office (the bedroom lol)


Slim :)

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