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Microsoft Office 2013 / 2016 keys on the Bay


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Sup all,


Seems to be a lot of chatter about the super cheap MS office 2013/2016 keys being sold for under a fiver on ebay.

The description in the listings usually say they are from Scrapped PCs, but that's hard to believe when sellers have sold over 13000+

I know you get Office from less legit sources for nothing, but I was wondering how these sellers are getting them if they not from scrapped PCs, anyone know? Most claim that these are new unused lifetime keys


The sellers are previously birthday card, mobile phone cover shops, so just wondering how they've turned to this MS office enterprise.

Anyone able to shed any light on this? If it's a sensitive subject, then could you PM me, i'm just curious and was gonna buy one just so I have a paper trail to owning the latest version of Office


Curious TnT

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Probably multiple MSDN accounts that have so many 'free' serials on each account that are supposed to be distributed to developers of M$ programs & apps.

Keys are legit to the point of being genuine M$ keys but they're not supposed to be sold and can run the risk of being banned if M$ decide to cull them.


Ebay rules dictate that OEM keys can only be sold with hardware. Hence broken motherboard statements. With that in mind, just get the cheapest that doesn't have an 'activator' in the listing.

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