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i need a new job


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was standing in a cafe earlier when a well known (ish) (eastenders n other shit i dont watch) comes up and taps me on the shoulder.


"Oh hiya" she says (shes using a rehearsal room and ive been talking to her on the phone for weeks....PLUS ive met het a 1000+ times)


"oh hows things" i say


"oh sorry i thought you worked in the theatre" she says


"i do" i say


"ye you do look like him" she mutters


"it is me" i say but she just wonders away


20 mins later in the theatre she says "theres a guy in the cafe that looks like you"!!!!!#


i just inwardly facepalm myself to death



so im wondering why the fekk i put up with these people????


time for a carreer change methinks

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