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Separate Solar TPMS System ?


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What are your thoughts of these: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Vesafe-Universal-Monitoring-Temperature-Simultaneously/dp/B01L91QY58


It's a Tyre pressure monitoring system for cars without TPMS and monitors individual tyres using Bluetooth valve caps


What are the pros and cons?


Anyone got similar? I'm sure I read that they actually slowly deflate your tyre while in use, but wanted to ask around before buying.

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Id sooner opt for for a system where you mount the sensors insude the tyre. If you lose one of those caps , or someone whips one, you have the inconvenience and expense or replacing it.

And the display unit looks fcuking horrible.

What's wrong with spending a minute checking your pressures manually?

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A few things i can see wrong with that.

1. What happens when one of those sensors malfunctions? There is no spare included.

2. I'd assume your tyres are losing air which is why you'd buy them. Look at the anti theft device and then imagine all the pissing about you'll have just to put more air in the tyres.

3. The price, they're having a laugh.


I don't think i'd bother. Better off with a digital gauge and just check the offending tyre/tyre's weekly and the others every other week. I'd be a bit concerned how accurate these things are over time. If you fit them take into account that 9 grams fitted to the valve will throw out your wheel balancing and your wheels or at least the front ones will probably need balancing.9 grams doesn't sound like much but if you lose a 10 gram balancing weight off a wheel it does make a difference.

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