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Open vented heating help


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Hi I have an open vented heating system, need help I keep getting air in one radiator, boiler is upstairs and it's one upstairs rad that gets air in it to the point it needs bleeding nearly every day, the system was power flushed, it is air not gas in the rad tried lighting it etc, I have checked the vent pipe and when boiler starts it is sucking in thru vent, (cup of water under vent pipe) it then pushes this water back out again, any idea how to stop this air from. Entering system, could it be because the feed is on the negative side of the pump, also is the feed/expansion tank ment to get warm/hot as mine is

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I'm not an expert but water expands as its heated and thats the reason the feed/expansion tank gets warm. You can get an automatic air bleeder that fits on the side of the radiator replacing the bleed screw. This would then get rid of the air for you. As to why its happening i can't help you with that one. I'm sure someone with more experience than me will come along soon with the answer.

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