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Munster Gadget buys


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Has anyone on here bought anything from M/G based on Ireland ?

Reason i'm asking is a friend of mine ordered a Zgemma box off the above

over 2wks ago and it still hasn't arrived, he's gone thru the usual channels

of e/mailing and contact on their F/B page but he's still had no joy or reply.

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Munster gadgets was who the kodi "special build" aka Sparta was taken from. As far as i'm aware he is a reputable seller and i've seen a lot of favourable reviews for him. Maybe it's a stock problem or maybe even on holiday but i don't think it's likely that your mate has been ripped off.

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As daz says the special build is munsters build stripped down with a bit fo the sparta shite removed...Its more plausable munster has hit his peak and getting a bit inundated with orders and lack of stock etc rather than ripping your mate off. Never say never of course, nto unheard of peeps being ripped off by reputable sellers but i'm mroe inclined to thing the best case rather than worse in this instance.

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