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Pensions cold call today.


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Got a call from the 'Retirement Advice Centre' today.

Based in Suffolk, phone number is 01473 674009.

They know my name and that I've got a private pension fund, they also tell me they've been trying to find me for some time. Briefly , they warned me that recent rule changes in pension rules leave me at risk of financial losses.


I've told then to ring back tomorrow as I'm too busy right now.

I can't find much on the Web about them. Yeah they have a website etc. Googling their name plus words such as scam result in very little.

I've looked and found they aren't registered on the Financial Services Register.

If / when they call back , shall I tell them where to shove their advice?

Anyone heard of them or had dealings with them?

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Cheers daz.

Yeah I've seen the site...But anyone can have a site, my concern is that there's nothing positive on the Web about them.

Just a handful of posts on those 'who called me'sites.

And those posts refer to being cold called.

It's a bit suss as far as I can tell.

I'll just tell em to naff off it they call back.

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The pension calls have replaced the ppi calls for me just lately. I never take the time to talk to them because they always call when i'm at work. The annoying thing is that i have to take every call that comes through because it could be work related. On a good day i just cut them dead and say " sorry i don't take sale calls, please dont call again". On a bad day i just scream abuse at them and hang up. I know they are just doing a job but they annoy the fook out of me.

My last three holidays have been outside of Europe and the mobile calls cost about £1.50 a minute to receive, if not for them i would leave my phone on for a few hours a day but because of them i can't. They're just so out of order the way they hound people and the same firms keep calling even after you tell them to stop. TPS is a waste of time, they just ignore it.

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Just a note in this.

They never called back, i assume the guy realised that I was gonna do a bit of checking on the company.

I guess he was just polite right up to the last moment of our brief chat in the hope my gard might slip and I might divulge at least something if use to him.

Any legit company worth their salt would have persisted I'm sure.


So....Retirement Advice Centre..... You ain't any good.

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Past and present governments have been ripping the Miners pension off to the tune of 6 Billion quid up to now 'they put a 50/50 split of any surpluses/ profits to guarantee our pension wouldn't fall ' they have never had to pay anything in to our pension to back it up since they set this up back in 1994 and with all the pits now shut and ex miners Dying around a 1000 a year it won't be long before they take the lot, and by the way both Labour and Conservative governments have taken this while in power.

They all banged on about Maxwell ripping his company pension scheme off ' at least Dick Turpin wore a mask.  

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if your worried about your pension...seek advice yourself from someone or company that you can trust.

i "apparently" have a private pension but when you ask them questions about the "said" pension...they just say we were not passed that info. I just say well, get what info you need and then ring back or say that being an armed robber and drug dealer by trade, your not expected to live until retirement age!!

99% of Cold callers are out there to scam people, they are not there for you benefit!!

i hate them with a passion, i normally give them a load of abuse until they hang up...they get the idea eventually

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