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I've got problems viewing Facebook LIVE - help


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OK guys. I built my new pc (Win 10) and everything is working a treat and a great increase on my old system (due to age and old specs).


One strange problem that I've found is that I can't watch anything on Facebook LIVE???


Flash player is up to date, youtube videos play as does everything else.


On the pc I DON'T get the white play icon so If I click the black box all I get is the audio stream but no video.


On the Win 10 lappy I get the white play icon and it all works


Others also seem to have a problem and a suggestion was to turn off hardware acceleration but made no difference. Tried Firefox and Edge and neither work. Not sure if it is something that I have forgotten to install or not?


Thanks in advance guys

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Does it do it in all browsers?, Internet Explorer and Edge are standard on windows 10, does it do it in both?

Have you tried another browser like chrome or firefox to test i it works?.


If it doesn't work in any browser are you using a VPN or a 3rd party firewall? if so turn it off, same for UAC, turn it off just to see, if the problem persists you can turn them back on again.


Drivers could be an issue but i assume your upto date.


Codecs maybe screwed up somehow? maybe install advance codecs to see if that makes any difference? if not you can uninstall again easy enough.





Let us know and we can think of more. :D

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Apologies for the lack of replies since my original post when I tried to watch a live broadcast by Fatboy Slim when I discovered the problem. My problem now is I haven't found another Live stream to test it on. They seem to be few and far between. Typical innit.


@Boycie, I ran that and it generated a massive log file, not sure if it actually found/repaired owt though as I've never ran that type of report before

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