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Moving out


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Found out last night I have to move back into my house from where I was sharing with my partner. Not happy about it, but she says that it's the only way she can see us moving forward.




As we've been together ages and mine and her stuff has become our stuff, I'm not going to be taking everything back with me cos it wouldn't be fair on her kids.


So I'm in the market for a new telly (always a positive eh?) Any suggestions? Don't fancy much bigger than 40" and thinking about 4k (resolution not budget ;) )  


Did I also pick up right that you can load kodi onto an Amazon fire tv?




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yes you can stick kodi on the fire stick or basically any android device (other devices are available) lol


hope it works out for you mate.


(ps 4k is a load of baws. great for that inbuilt video they show but for normal corrie watching it makes no difference )

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Sorry to hear about your trouble and I may be a million miles off target here, but as you've been together "ages" I don't see how you moving out can allow youse to move forward. I hope that doesn't sound too negative and I really hope things work out for you


Neither can I at the moment, but I still have my house that I can move back into and it's the only option she said she could see. If this gives her the space she's after then that can only be a good thing.

look at Hisense tv's , cheap and a whole lot of tv for your dollar bill. There one of the biggest tv makers in China




There's some interesting stuff there - quite like the way the tech is moving - integrated pvr and sat tuner really appeals to me. The only issue seems to be the lack of model numbers to get a like for like comparison. Amazon seems to have bundled all the of them into one listing complete with all reviews and all questions. Definitely worth a proper look though, thanks.

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Thanks loads for your support. A few days in, we're already getting on better and i haven't even moved out yet! It's cleared some of the tension if nothing else.


I've found the Hisense tellys on richer sounds which is a vote of confidence in itself. Will have to have a ride out to see one in the flesh soon.

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