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A couple of years ago, i decided to have a go at making a website that was database driven. Now remember, i am not a coder or professional designer or anything like that. I just learned what i needed to know at the time i needed to know it, so it was a long slow process to get even where i am now. 

The design had to be simple. 

It had to be easy (ish) to install.

IT HAD to be asy to use. 

The way the site works is all through a database. So in the admin, if you want a new page on your site, it is as simple as typing the name of the page. The backend then creates that page and puts it on your main homepage menu. 

All of the functions on the site work in a similar way. 

I have it working pretty well at the moment, so what we decided to do is release it as a datashack project and see where it goes from there.


I have to tidy up the original code a bit over the weekend but as soon as i have it done, i will upload it for tinkering with. 


In the meantime, here are a few links to a couple of skins i have modified for use with it.




The only thing that changes between each of those links is the html design. All of the information for each page is taken from the database. So if you fancy making a whole new look site, its just a case of putting the php functions into your own design.




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