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I need men men men


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(Or women)

My lil side crewing company is going into over drive (always the same at this time of year) so I need crew.

For setting up sports arenas, rigging and De rigging music events and some theatre crew.

Only the theatre crew need experience as the rest of it is just humphing stuff around. Some heavy lifting involved and you need yer own boots.


Mostly in the central belt of Gods country but I get gigs all over the place now n then (building marquees in deepest englandshire etc)


Trying to get a list of available bods really. Generally £10ph self employed.


Pm me your availability or if you know someone who is generally free.


No time wasters....if I book you n you don't turn up...I'll come to your fuckin house n give you abuse ( and I'm not joking).

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