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If you have a shout box why have IRC? surely its better for people to see the forum getting busy in the shout box and easy to ask for help than it to be empty. Personally I think the first thing a new forum needs is for people to see is the shout box busy and if its empty they think the forum is also, that's just my opinion. Don't get me wrong I love IRC. But if your having both then the shout box will have to be watched in case people who don't/ or don't like IRC ask for help. Sometimes I have said hi in the shout box and its been hours before anyone has replied so I look around the forum then go. If the shout box was busy people would stay longer and post more. I have been on lots of forums and shout box's can be a great way to entice people to stay and post and bring more users, as long as its ran properly and watched closely it can be a great asset to any forum.

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IRC can be used for stuff you don't want joe public to see etc. ;)


Can see what your saying bout the shout box though, as its the first thing peeps see it should be busy.



Having both can be great but I know from experience some wont use irc and that the shout box can bring loads of users to the forum, as long as its flowing. I know I would stay longer if the sb was more active. I have a quick look around then go back to other forums where people are typing and where if you need help you can ask and get a quick reply.

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