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Windows Phone .. Should I ??


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Been enjoying android phones for the last few years but was thinking of trying out a windows 10 phone for my next device.


Anyone have one that can give a review or advice.

Currently have an elephone android which for a cheap chinese knock off I think is brilliant so would probably look for another chinese device just a windows one.


Any tips appreciated.

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I've got teh lumia 640 lte...great phone tbf, not had issues with it, syncs to car, plugs straight into PC and can browse sd and phone contents no probs (literally plug it into PC and awy you go)....Windows 10?? well i'm still on 8.1 but my phone will be one of the first to upgrade to win 10 when it goes out.


Again not had issues at all and mine has all the "add ons" i need so happy tbh.......

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Our works changed their policy to windows phones (albeit on 8). Am now the ' proud ownew' of a lumia 640 which I'm no fan of. Build quality is poor, though the phone is only £100'ish. I think the camera quality is pretty good, but Nokia phones generally have good cameras.


The tension between Google and Microsoft means no Google maps, chrome browser google now cards or gmail app all of which I use regularly. Even Waze ( which I think is also Google maps) is not available but not supported which means maps are only portrait.


I do like the WiFi sense setting that automatically shares WiFi with my Telcast tablet.


Battery life is good on my lumia, but I put this down to the fact that there are few apps available on windows store.


Needless to say, I use the windows phone just for work and keep my Elephone P8000 as my main personal workhorse, though windows 10 might be a different beast

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Thanks for the feedback guys. Will give it some thought. If I can get a cheap chinese windows clone phone then it is worth a punt even just for a play.


Not had one myself but my dad ended up with some lumia on windows and I did like it but didnt really get to have a proper look.


Anything but iOS for me.

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