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Looking for a Hardcopy of ...


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Chasm: The Rift

Have been playing the abandonware version of it, using Panzerchasm (enables all the features for modern hardware) and I have been really really enjoying it. I would love a hardcopy of this for nostalgia and collectible reasons. Had a quick look on eBay, and it seems that is on sale for well over two hundred pounds!!!! I can understand why though, I guess this game does fall into the collectibles bracket, and don't have high hopes of finding it cheaper anywhere else.

However, I’m going to ask my trusty peoples and friends at Datashack, if they have any connections of finding it cheaper elsewhere ..


So just asking before I give up on the idea, hehe

Any takers?


nb : Probably gonna make a youtube vid if I can get hold of a hardcopy, to celebrate the occasion :D

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