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Has anyone used these 


I placed an order 8th April for a phone for a present thinking I was giving them plenty of time as the birthday is only on the10th May but the friggin thing is still showing "Processing" in my order tracking. What p&sses me off is, their still taking orders for the same phone but they've just emailed me saying they don't have stock and are trying to source out stock 3 fookin weeks since I placed my order.

I only ordered from here because it was £70 cheaper but turns out they never had them in the first place even though I asked before ordering "Do you have the phone in stock to ship asap ?" and they replied yes.

totally utter fookin annoying 

rant !! 

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No, had to put a PayPal claim in and they eventually coughed up. There still advertising but now there saying "Low on stock, grab one quick"....so I emailed them and said "So have you got the phone at hand in shop for immediate mailing ?" their response was "No, we are still trying to source out stock were not sure when". 


Steer clear they are frauds

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