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dj controller and laptop suggestions?


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thinking of getting myself a wee laptop and one of these dj controllers so anyone any suggestions what what to buy or avoid 


was thinking about a Pioneer DDJ-SB2 controller or similar and i take it any half decent second hand lappy with decent memory would do the trick.

purely for faffing about in the house with, any suggestions?



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same here mate, used to do a few chill out room for raves n things.

aye looking about £500 really, thinking £200 odd for a 2nd hand lappy and £250 for a 2nd hand controller.

i was looking at the traktor s4 too. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Native-Instruments-Traktor-Kontrol-Controller/dp/B00EYZMD16/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1536224398&sr=8-1&keywords=traktor+s4 

so might end up spending a bit more but i dont want to go mental with the cost cause its just for the house really. 

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aye i know mate. i just used that link to show you it tbh.

started off just looking at newmark ones at the £75 - £175 scale so watched a few reviews but some said they work well but are just bits of shit plastic.

ended up asking a techno producer mate and he said he couldnt live without his s2 so went down that route.

im the worst fekkin shopper ever tbh, cant decide on anything.

ill prob just end up going into cex or something and handing over a wad of cash ffs. but if its under £500 ill be happy as long as its fairly decent

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Was that brand new?

Just wait for ebay, at least you know it’s going to be around £300, maybe look at some more and hopefully the auctions finish on late evening or a Sunday.you will be more happy, and hopefully save some money. I would buy a case to protect tbh,then you got the complete kit.

maybe a external harddribe for your tunes, but I don’t know where to download, only sportify.


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it was a "used" one mate but in perfect nick. theres a couple more on there ending in a few days so ill hold off til one finishes and see if i can grab it for a decent price. 

ye ill prob get a case too and im on a couple of decent torrent sites that have loads of tunes i can grab plus ive 10000s of records and a usb turntable so ill try n figure out how to play that through the controller. also found a bag of dvd with milllions of mp3 from years ago the other week so i just need a fairly good lappy with good memory and ill be good to go

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all sorted mate

got a similar lappy today for £199 and also got the traktor s4 out of cex online for £190 https://uk.webuy.com/product-detail/?id=sdjtraks4mk1a&categoryName=dj-decks-and-mixers&superCatName=electronics&title=native-instruments-traktor-kontrol-s4-mk1-dj-controller

£100 under budget so well happy

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Not used it as much as I'd like so far mate, been busy with work and family etc. But when I have had a wee shot of it it's been quite good. Had to get a decent load of tunes on my lappy too to get the best out of it. Just using the traktor software at the mo. 

Need to get my tunes listened too right and try and get a decent set together.

It's great for sitting stoned and just looping noises right enough. 

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