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So $MCO coin....


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The aims of this project is to have a live visa backed credit card type affair with mobile app with cryptocoins loaded onto the wallet spendable ect ect. Basically a real life in your back pocket credit card that you can store and use bitcoin ect from. Twitter "rumour" has it that VISA will accept them on the 31st of Aug and the app will go live straight after. Even bigger rumour is that this coin will hit 2x it's current price of $16 ish......I bought a few at $10 sold at 17.50...rebought at 14.50 ish....Going to wait this out now and leave them sitting until 31st....If they do get accepted by visa they will rocket....apparently lol.

The wolf reckons they will be accepted and the "evidence" of this is one of the visa panel members is also on the "board" of this coin. Anybody else got any hot tips ?

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