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a green card in football?


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is this the way forward?


Referees are often accused of too easily of going to their pocket to hand out yellow and, sometimes, red cards. However, referees in Serie B will now be able to award a third green card, for fair play.



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Haha....it's bollox as far as I can see mate.


Imagine some "the" rangers(sevco ltd) player... (I don't know these kids names) but if he's on a yellow card from a previous match and he then gets a yellow v Celtic (so he'll be up for an auto ban from the fa) so just thinks "we're 5-0 down and in going to get banned for next game" so all he has to do is go "oh referee that was their throw in not ours"... Gets a green card this avoiding the ban... Lol


Load of pish mate


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