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Need mac users advice.


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Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/291828865435


As I slowly deteriorate I'm looking to do something with my time that I feel I'm able to do.

Photography was my thing but recent medical results indicate that my right arm is not going to function for much longer and I'd like to take music production a little more seriously. Would any mac users reading this have an opinion on the ebay listing above?

I'm looking to add some native instruments gear to a system and I thought I might go down the mac route. I've not used a mac before, but I'm tempted at this.

The seller told me hed leave that software on and activated, but it won't continental to accept any updates as he will not pass along the serials that are required - but I'm not too bothered about that.

Is it overpriced for what it is?

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Its a Mac so its overpriced but that one is a nice spec system....for a Mac that is. Thing is being a Mac its highly likely a Mac fan boy will jump at such a system at that price so its doubtful you'd get him lower price wise, no harm is asking mind.


Personally for me though i am a PC fan boy........so for me for that sort of money i just see that i could build a much nicer spec PC (i7 CPU) thats new with upgrade potential that will do everything that that Mac does........and software is never an issue to get hold of, lets face it the software of choice will probably be CS6 etc.


Each to their own but price wise that one you've posted as about what you'd expect IMHO, for a Mac....no mention of an SSD in the specs though.







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The guy sells quite a few high spec macs.

That one is relisted, didn't sell last time he had it up.

I know what you mean about being a pc fan, I'm just a bit concerned that I'd end up with never ending conflicts if I were to go the pc route. And there's some pretty good sw only available on mac for what I'm thinking of doing....arghhhh.I hate sitting on fences lol

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