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Facebook Messenger's Secret Chess Game


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How to Unlock and Play Facebook Messenger's Secret Chess Game


Facebook Messenger is one of the easier ways to communicate with people out there, but did you know you can also use it to play chess with your friends as well as just chatting?

To access the hidden chess game and start playing, all you need to do is input a special phrase. BetaNews tells us how to launch the secret game:

  1. During a conversation, type @fbchess play and a board will appear. Your friend will go first.
  2. Select a piece using K for king, Q for queen, B for bishop, N for knight, R for rook, or P for pawn.

  3. Then add the letter and number representing the space you want to move it on the board.

In other words, you’d type @fbchess Pd4 to move a pawn to a new space. If more than one piece can go there, you’ll be asked which one to move, and if you want a larger view of the chess board, just click on the chat menu settings icon and select “See Full Conversation.”

No, it's not the slickest or more sophisticated chess game out there, but there are worse ways to countdown to the weekend than chatting to your mates and having a game of chess when the boss' back is turned.

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