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R.I.P Colin Verncombe


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Musician Colin Vearncombe, known as Black, has died after suffering head injuries in a car accident.

The singer, from Liverpool, who had a global hit in 1987 with Wonderful Life, suffered swelling on his brain in a crash on Sunday January 10 near Cork Airport.

The 53-year-old had been in intensive care since then.

His death was announced on his Facebook page with the simple message: "Colin Vearncombe. 26/5/1962-26/1/2016. You'll never walk alone".

Black had been due to become a grandfather on St Patrick's Day with the expected birth of his eldest son's child.

The crash occurred as he drove on his own from his home in Schull, west Cork, to catch a flight from Cork to Edinburgh for a songwriting trip.

Best known for 1980s singles Sweetest Smile and Wonderful Life, Black released 15 albums under his own name and also published poetry and staged exhibitions of his paintings in Ireland, where he lived for more than 10 years.



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Jesus , R.I.P I never knew his name but I've a bit of a true tale about him when I was playing band. There use to be a big night club in Southport on the end of the promenade( can't remember the name) it's been flattened now , big old building stood on its own about 3-4 floors. Well we played there one night in the 80's and after the gig we had a few drinks with some girls in this meal v.i.p type area.


The girls had about 3 bottles of champers in buckets so I goes ahead and cracks one open for them. This guy then rolls up and says "What the fook do you think your doing !?" I pipes up , "Opening the girls champers why ?" he says "Fook off there mine now fookin do one ya dick head" so off I trots tail between my legs.

So the following Thursday I'm sat watching Top Of The Pops and I instantly recognises a guy singing this song Wonderful life , it turns out he was in the club celebrating the release of the song which became a big hit.

RIP fella , and sorry for nicking your champers

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