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HTC Vive or Oculas rift ?


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I have been eagerly awaiting and watching the Oculas rift since the go fund me days. Now the retail version is available to buy for pre release, they go whop up the price ffs ! They sold the entire fist batch within 14 minutes of the site going live but that will probably be bought by the all the techy mags, VR die hard groups, youtubers ect... Remember, you still need an i5+ CPU,  and 9 series Nvidia card to run it ££

Personally, at £520 (more than a games console & LCD TV combined) i think its fookin over priced.


NOW, the HTC Vive ! This will be interesting to see how they price the vive. IF they under cut the rift even by a tenner this for me will be the winner. The Vive is reported to be superior & with the built in camera, this will make life ALOT easier.






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