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How dirty is YOUR mind?


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12 photographs that definitely aren’t what you think

first glance, these hilarious photographs appear to show people in some very rude situations.


Take your mind out of the gutter – it’s just a passer-by’s rogue arm



Look again, it’s just a little girl kneeling on her father’s lap


This mum’s cleavage is actually two wooden chair backs


A mirrored bar makes it look like this waiter is wearing a mini skirt and stilettos

But, take your mind out of the gutter, and you’ll see they’re all completely innocent.

From a little girl sitting on her dad’s lap to a guy posing side on for a mirror selfie, these comical pictures will make you look twice.

A passer-by’s rogue arm took centre stage in a cheery snap of three pals posing by a lake.

While one teen’s unfortunate pose makes it look like she’s got incredibly hairy legs.

A bikini shot of two mates was ruined by the dodgy placing of one of the girl’s armpit.

And, the shadow of a patterned chair made it look like one male sunbather was wearing knee-high fishnet stockings.


Three pals were captured in a scrum on the football pitch


No, that’s not a naked bum – it’s actually a guy topless taking a selfie


An unfortunate shadow makes it look like this guy is wearing fishnet stockings


A girl appears to have an incredibly hairy leg thanks to the unfortunate placing of her male pal’s limb

Three friends were captured in a risqué-looking huddle on a football pitch.

While a mum appeared to be flashing her cleavage thanks to the unlucky placement of two wooden chairs.

Other funny photos that made social media users look twice included a shot of three pigs eating at a trough and a badly lit image of a woman’s feet.


Two girls posed for a bikini shot – but it was ruined by the unfortunate placing of one of their armpits



This shot of a woman’s feet sent social media users into a spin


Nothing to see here, just three pigs feeding at a trouble 



Social media users giggled at this snap of a man stroking his dog’s ear

A barman who appeared to be wearing a mini skirt and heels, plus a photo of a man relaxing on a chair while stroking his dog’s ear also had the internet howling.

But these aren’t the first photographs to wow the internet.




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