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Garda (Irish police) in Dublin have asked for witness’s to come forward regarding a brutal crime against 15 English men on a recent visit to Dublin who were robbed of a Grand Slam they had come to collect and also had their chariot badly vandalised during the visit to the Irish capital.


Apparently this heinous crime was carried out by a gang of 15 and were joined by another 8 Irish guys later on in the attack, all were dressed in bright green shirts and all this was in broad daylight in front of 64,000 people who gathered around the gang attack and just stood there cheering, clapping and singing "The Fields of Athenrye" as if they were encouraging the gang.


A Garda spokesmen for the said this “This sort of attack is just sickening……..One of the victims was a young lad called Owen Farrell who was on his first trip to Dublin and has been traumatised by the whole shocking experience and to make matters even worse his father was forced to watch the entire crime from start to finish and could not lift a finger to protect his son from the sickening and relentless battering meted out by the conspicuously dressed green shirted gang”.


The Garda spokesman continued, “We are following a number of leads and believe this green shirted gang may be linked to a similar attack to a bunch of New Zealand 'Tourists' in Chicago last year".

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