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Before considering joining, check out these important requirements.


1. DSCraft is a bedrock server, it will only work with windows 10 versions of Minecraft, and console versions too. The Java version is incompatible.

2. Xbox users may notice no way of putting in an URL for custom servers, this can be overcome with the mobile app, "Bedrock Together"

3. Further considerations for XBOX using "Bedrock Together", the mobile app, the machine running minecraft, needs to be on the same LAN, so they can communicate with each other(there maybe an advert you have to watch). You should then see the DSCraft server.

4. If you using the Windows 10 version of Minecraft with an RTX card, make sure you accept the prompt for the resource pack, or you won't be able to turn on RTX.


On a final note, achievements can still be gained from a 3rd party Bedrock server, activating cheats will revoke the right to earn them.


I think that's pretty much it, but more things will be added or taken away, to refine the process.

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