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Water cooling the way to go


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Yesterday i had to upgrade my CPU heat sink and fan as the older one was only stock and not great, just about did the job til it got dusty.


I currently run an AMD which always run hotter than Intel but it was silly temps.....idle temps were around the 40C mark and 100% load caused the system to shut off once it hit 80C so something had to be done.


Anyways i ended up going the water cooling route as it wasn't much more than the £30 Fan i was going to get. In the end i went with this £38 closed loop water kit.


The install was easy, i had to remove the fan brackets from the motherboard but wasn't a mega task as i have a full tower case and can still get to the underneath of the CPU socket without having to remove the mobo from the case etc, plus the radiator and fan doesn't take up much room and slots into an empty fan bay quite nicely... but you will need to use both a CPU fan and system fan header to power it. Took me about 20-30 min from start to finish and the results are,,,,well fooking fantastic tbh.




Idle its now running at 11C and under 100% load for 30 min (CPU, HDD, GFX, Mem all being hammered via AIDA64 stress test) it never touched 40C.


I knew it would be a better cooling method but i wasn't expecting a stable 11C, impressed to say the least especially given it was £8 more than the fan i know would never have got those results temp wise.


Anyone else using water/liquid cooling, and what temps you got?





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What about the GPU fans, I can usually hear them over anything if I am video editing or gaming.



I think that depends on the Gfx card tbh mate, i have a GTX 970 but the fans don't even turn on till it reaches 70C....Wont lie it can be a bit loud when they hit 100% but its rare they get to that, even playing gfx intense games i'm yet to have it @ constant 100% fan speeds and evn then because the CPU fan is almost silent the Gfx card fans dont seem as bad, sounds more like a strong wind rather than a chopper trying to take off....if that makes any sense.

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I deffo like the idea of water cooling. I will consider it when I next do a build which will probably be a while off.


I have 570 sli and they scream murder as they are old, so when I upgrade as you said they may not need to be done and seem a bit more work to do them

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PMSL, now i know your messing with me but water cooling is the least of the problems with that mobo. IDE and floppy connections, no CMOS battery, only a 20 pin power block, no 8 or even 4 pin power header.....shocking state of how we used to live back in the dark ages....least the IDE connections have the outer casing so thats something i suppose.....i'd liek to see it turned on as that plastic water cup woudl melt prety quick once that CPU heats up....needs a closed loop system liek i bought. :P

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Talking of floppy connections apparently big businesses especially in the manufacturing industry still use floppy disks due to the reliability and the fact it would cost £££ to convert lol.


i'd liek to see it turned on as that plastic water cup woudl melt prety quick once that CPU heats up....needs a closed loop system liek i bought. [emoji14]


I have another 19 cups of water just out of shot of the camera that I replace every 3 mins to keep the heat down [emoji6]

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