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Anyone else using D7 suite to sort problems?


I bought a license many moons ago and have used it to sort out 100's pc/laptops when I worked tech for a repair company.


I still use it now to sort out friends n family, but my version has been superseded by D7II which requires a sub to get all the updates and cloud stuff


If anyone is using the newer version it would handy to find if any of the newer tools can be made to run in D7 ?


Anyone ?



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I'd never heard of D7 but have been reading up on it. On Majorgeeks there is a guy called Jim who is slagging the author off and saying there's a much better free alternative - any idea what he's referring to?

I only use ADWCleaner and Malwarebytes along with manual checking/editing of the registry and services. So far I've not been beaten but if there was a quicker option I'd be interested in checking it out.

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Hi I quickly checked it out and you aren't missing much. That free version is 2 years old now and never gets updated. Really its just a package of tools like Tweaking and probably not as good. The new software they do is all paid for and I don't think it would do a better job than the free tools available out there.

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The thing that is good about D7 is the automation of those free tools. You tick the boxes of the tools you want to run and it auto runs them rebooting and auto loging back in, carrying on with the tasks with minimum user input. It allows you to work on other machines while it's doing its stuff. Great if you run a repair shop.

It's a bit like the geeksquad disk that was about. whatever happen to that? is it still going?

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Not used an Av for years, like fluffy I manually check now and again.......i can usually tell from the noise of my computer if there is anything bad on it, probably sounds daft. Lol.


Got a few handy tools from mik25 a while back that check fir all kinds of shite.....only install them to check then its all uninstalled again, I don't like having stuff running in background etc....i have 1 program in my startup and I put it there to enable me to minimise enemy territory....other than that though nothing runs etc without me running it.


I tend to run mostly via a vm or sandbox though so its unlikely anything would get on my root system.

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