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Does the education system suit todays world ?


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I own my own Engineering company and head up large project works for some big companies...


Now I believe our education system is failing us... ??


Let me explain


  • I get a university graduate and on day 1 they appear to think they already know it all and that they are amazing only to be with us 3 days and come down to earth with a very large bump
  • Some but not all graduates struggle with picking up a "work ethic"; even getting to work early is difficult for them and a good 75% don't make it
  • The apprentices we take on (some who have gone on to do degrees after the apprenticeship) all bar none are bloody brilliant

Now don't get me wrong but is our system just all wrong ?



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your last 2 lines sum it up for me mate, uni fucktards you couldnt send to the shops for a loaf cause theyre probably a snob whos been mollycoddled all their lives or an apprentice who got booted out the house to run errands all their days.


ive always believed its a perceived class thing ie its not how much money theyve got its how far up the rung they THINK they are.

Farquar can spend years reading books, went straight to uni after his gap year but Ronny has bills to pay so had to get on with it right after school.

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Come across the same thing Spark, we've had uni grads who think they should be doing EBITDA and NPV investment decisions on day 1 when they've got the attention span of a goldfish. The best ones have been the school leavers prepared to start at the beginning and learn from the ground up, with doing the theory & exams alongside or after a few years when they have a bit of practical experience behind them.

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This has come about from the way some courses that would have been better suited to technical college or just a straight froward college have ended up as uni only. Apprenticeships are the correct way to train a person weather they be a school leaver or even a uni graduate. I believe a lot of companies take on uni graduates on an internship.....Now I don;t agree with the unpaid ones but there is definitely a place/position needed to transition for learning to working. The two will never ever go hand in hand as one doesn't fund the other directly and therefore has no input on the content and style of the stuff taught....Hope that makes sense peeps lol.


Think of the usual degree minded courses of years gone by - Doctor, Goes to med school and stays as a junior until he has specialised in something and achieved consultancy. Solicitors - grad from uni off to law school hopefully sponsored by a good company and then they will be an intern for at least a couple of years before becoming a "proper" solicitor and so on...same with vets ect ect ect. Now the trouble starts when employers (or graduates for that matter) think that the person coming out of uni is in any way shape or form ready for the workplace....in reality they probably have the work life outlook of a typical 16-18 yo school leaver..

So the answer is employ more apprentices and make your straight from uni graduates interns as you are just training them up.

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The problem is a lot of Uni work (depending on the subject) is still book orientated and theory based.

Unless you do work placements or some kind of hands-on work, you will struggle in the real world.


For example, there was a lad I knew at Uni who came out with a 2:2, yet the cunt would send his CV out with a signature ending with BA(Hons) etc etc.

He started with a company and I was told that from the get go he would be all pretentious and even put BA (Hons) in his emails to people.


In reality, he knew F-all and last a whole month before he was found out and not kept.


An another example, we have guys who started up as YT Youth Trainees years ago, and they would piss rings of fire round these pretentious Uni-bods and have amazing work ethic.


You can't knock all Uni students, they still have to put the time in, and in certain subjects a Uni degree is worth its like Midwifery, Nursing

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I teach existing pilots to be commercial pilots,


I see this every day, As an example only last week a student approached me when he couldn't answer a question.


The question said, your using 2K kg of fuel an hour, and you need to hold for 1/2 an hour, how much fuel do you need?


I shit you not, he walked up to me with his calculator asking me which buttons he had to press!


The worlds becoming dumber!



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It has got worse. This all started with labour trying to get everyone to go to uni. I'm not saying this to be anti labour or pro-Tory, just that it was their policy.


There are always people required who need degrees etc and there will always be a need for technical folk who don't need a degree. Just as there will always be a need for cleaners, nurses, childminders joiners etc. Every job does not require a uni education but that is where the system ended up going, hence, you have the current crop of clowns who have no idea what goes on in the real world.



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