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Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 Can Be Set Free With Leaked Code


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[align=center]Both the Samsung Galaxy S4and the Samsung Galaxy S3 are handsets that are very powerful and both have sold well. If you purchased a device that was locked to the carrier and you want to unlock it to move onto a new carrier for a better deal, you can thanks to a leaked code that will set your handset free.


Owners of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and S3 can unlock their devices easily and the first thing to do is to turn the handset off and insert a new SIM card into it. You can then go into the dial pad and type in the leaked code, which is, *#197328640#.

You can follow the next steps to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S4 and S3. [1] UMTS > [1] Debug Screen > [8] Phone Control > [6] Network Lock > Options [3] Perso SHA256 OFF.

You should now wait for 30 seconds and then head back to the main menu and you will see Network Lock. Select [4] NW Lock NV Data INITIALLIZ. After this you will have a device that is unlocked.

Along with unlocking the Samsung Galaxy S4 and S3 the leaked code is said to work with other devices belonging to Samsung.[/align]

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