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Maybe a scanner section?


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That has melted my head m8. Fusion, DMR and D star. Where do you start???? I really am coming out of mothballs after 15+ years of not being involved in radio and the changes are unreal. I sorta thought, right, spend an hour on each of the different systems and just skim over the details on how they work. Then have a look and see who is using what and which one is rising above the rest. Then decide which one to use. It looks like a case of Betamax, Video2000 and VHS all over again lol

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Lol I know what you mean mate I haven't even touched the surface but there are a lot of good Facebook groups which have some class info! You can decode digital using a tap on your scanner and linking it up with your computer and dsd software! I've got a md380 handheld and with the help of a mate on Facebook it can also decode digital voice

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Well you've both lost me.  Whats Fusion, whats DMR and whats D Star.  Its got to be 20 odd years since i last operated a station, i think if i remember right, a Trio TS430 with all the gear to go with that.  I still have a 2metre rig, Kenwood TH 25E but i guess the batteries shot it, and a scanner AOR AR1000, but again its not been switched on in years.  Am i missing anything on the airwaves


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