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Nvidia Shield £119.99 but hurry!


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Nice price but not the package with the remote :(



Says it ships with both control and remote mate.


Ships with SHEILD game controller and SHIELD remote

4K UHD TV & Video Streaming

Android TV with Google Cast

GeForce Now Cloud Gaming

Exclusive SHIELD Only Android Games

Stream GeForce GTX PC Games To Your TV

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I don't think it does.

Box Contains

1 x Nvidia Shield Android TV Base (16gb) - Inc. Controller


4K UHD Video Streaming With 7.1 Dolby Surround Sound

Google Android TV with NVIDIA GeForce NOW Cloud Gaming

16GB Internal Storage

Note:The controller is included in the BOX only Remote is extra


The one with the remote is £159.98


I see the greyed out box but that is there on all 4 options. I want one but with must have the remote with it. Wish i'd bought that one at the end of December.

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Nope says remote is extra goes up to £160 if you add the remote



Yeah my bad, didn't see that bit, i'd buy one then argue with them that you only saw the bit i've quoted and they are cheeky fookers, shouldn't even show IMHO unless you select a package WITH a remote.

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