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Is there no way back to having datashack and modshack together?


I now come on both, several time a day, and the number of new posts is limited to say the least.


I know H and Fon both have their reasons, but surely, together, we can be a better forum with more involvement?


Just my twopenneth!!

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Was it really that great before? I look on both but only post here. I honestly thought that Datascave had a really bad vibe towards the end. A lot of threads seemed to be aimed at winding other people up and the days of the old modshack are long gone. I rarely posted on that forum because i didn't want to post in hate threads and only ever posted when i thought i could offer something constructive.

There are a couple of people over there that i'm glad stayed there so that was a bit of a bonus. The only thing i'd like to see is a community project, that would be fun but not many people seem interested in exercising their brains anymore. Then again we are all a lot older and maybe them days are gone too.

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I post and I am also in the shoutbox daily. I never went to the other forum,but I have  been on plenty that SOME people are allowed to get away with things and post what they want. They think their funny I think they are pathetic. Also a lot of forums the mods are not that much better and have their own agenda. This forum might be new and just starting out but if it carries on as it doing, I think its going to go from strength to strength. Just keep the dickheads off here and the good members will stay. Cant go back only forward in my opinion a knob is a knob and lots about on forums. Can give you a list of them if you want. But don't suppose its right to name and shame forums and their mods and admin.

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