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USA item in the UK


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Not as straight forward as it sounded when i first volunteered to help :(

 To cut a lonng story short, an elderly bird has a USA 110v alarm clock which works with a "vibrating" bed motor.. yer yer.. i know lol

The USA alarm clock has 120v out which connects to the 120v motor which activates it at the time of choice.

 My question is>> will the adapter be suitable for 24hr use.


The Motor is >>>>>>>>    120VAC 15Watts



Alarm clock SB1000ss >> http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sonic-Bomb-Extra-Loud-Alarm-Super-Shaker-Vibrating-Bed-Alarm-Clock-SA-SB1000SS-/191208556498?hash=item2c84eb07d2:g:TC8AAOSwv0tVXXxz


Converter >>>>>



Its only the Alarm clock that i cant find values for so can only guess.


Vid to help u get your head around it>


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The converter will only step the voltage down, the frequency of the alternating current will not change. You'll probably be ok, but take into consideration that the clock is something that keeps time (d'oh, lol) and it's accuracy may depend on the frequency of the ac.

Take a look inside if you can to see if there's a rectifier that supplies the time piece with dc.

If it does indeed convert to dc you will be fine.

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The woman in question lives miles away from me so no chance of getting my hands on it. My initial thought was to simply change the Transformer to a 220v one until i realised the motor was controlled using a voltage passthrough. Running a motor that was designed for 110v at 220v would see some interesting results lol ;)

Ill play it by ear and see how it goes.. thanks for tour help so far mate :)

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