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What is it with Americans and politics


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To say they see themselves as the superior nation, why is it they cannot seem to vote for a decent president. I know we ain't perfect with our bunch, but you look over there and think, what the f**k.


Regan - movie star with no idea

George snr - duh !

Bill Clinton - loves blow job, or was just in the wrong place at the wrong time :)

George Jnr - just so he could finish what Daddy wasn't allowed to

Obama - duh !


And inbetween, they vote Arnie in as governer of California.



Now it looks like it will be Donald Numpty or the wife of the guy that loves blow jobs !


You couldn't make this shit up !!

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All about who spends the most on their campaign IMHO, they buy the presidency.


I get that, but how the hell are the population dumb enough to buy into it.


Think I need a convo with mancman [emoji24]



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aye they told us vote for more austerity and we'll cut everything and freeze every fookers pay apart from ours, and people did.


And now theyre telling us vote for staying in and we'll keep your wages low. I wonder what will happen?

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Ive always said the yanks can't pick their nose nevermind a leader. They all live in cocoons, they've not a clue about the outside world.

But lets not be too critical of their choices when we have Boris Johnson. Could you imagine it

Trump & Johnson world leaders

the mad hatter's tea party

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