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How Long Would You Survive a Pandemic in your town


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A CHILLING website can guess just how long you’d survive if a fatal infection broke out in your local area.

The clever Collapse simulator asks you to type in your location, before asking you a series of questions that reveal how your actions could signal the end of the world.

After telling participants that they’d come down with a new virus, the quiz asks which hospital they’d go to.




When the player selects their medical location, they're given the terrifying statistic: “There are on average only 30 hospital beds per 1,000 inhabitants.

“In times of crisis your chance of getting one is almost non-existent.”

As the simulator shows time passing, it asks what pharmacy and supermarket you would pick in your local area in a crisis.

During a disaster, the test warns: “We are only capable of producing 2.4 billion flu vaccines per year.

“Experts estimate that such a virus could spread to all seven billion humans in just a few months.”




As the website shows how easy it is for your city to fall in a disaster, they ask gamers to choose which location they’d head to in order to make an escape.

Frighteningly, the more people travel around, the simulator records figures of the people infected soaring.

Eventually, the website shows the world going into meldown and reveals just how long it would take for your actions to lead to the apocalypse.


Have a go:


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