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How much does it cost you to live a month?


Excluding rent, how much do you spend a month?  

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  1. 1. Excluding rent, how much do you spend a month?

    • Less than 500
    • Between £500-£1000
    • Between £1000-£1500
    • Between £1500 -£2000
    • Over £2000

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We need to take out rent or mortgage when posting your answer. 


So were just talking about food, bills, debts etc...?


For me the wife and two kids, excluding mortgage we burn through about £1300 a month!


Whats your spend?



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In that case i would say over £2000 a month for me and the mrs. We both spend quite a bit on internet shopping. I'm trying to curb my spending but it's damn hard there's just so much stuff i never knew i needed and just a couple of clicks away. The other half spends a lot on clothes, i spend less but when i do buy i buy quality and it lasts. I'm going for over £2000 a month because i'm always buying stuff for the house as well. We don't have a joint account but i know i spend over a grand a month and the mrs maybe a bit more. Looking at the few other posts i realise i should probably be spending less and saving more.

Also there's holidays, i've not included that and i don't think you guys have either.

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