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Please Read: Site Provider Change


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As we all have noticed the host we are using is not being kind, lag and errors all over the place.


I am going to move us to a more stable platform and it will be like before, I will get one of the mods to get that script out to change your hosts file while DNS propagates.


I will also change the banner on top of the forum to indicate old / new so you know where you are pointing too during the move.


Bear with us... I will en devour to make it as painless as possible, even if Fon steps in and blows it up, which he will....


I aim to do this tonight so any posts you make just be wary after 7pm that they may not appear as I will take a backup from them!


I just want to say thanks to all your support so far, mods and members, I am glad to see the forum buzzing and participation on the up!


The Team!

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