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Special Thanks to Vixen!


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Lol only just seen this wow thanks for the thanks well As you know women like chatting and I am no exception. So will just have to carry on till you all get fed up of me. To be honest you don't know what these posts mean to me. There are gentlemen out there on the forums xxxxxxxxx

You have made the shoutbox popular!


In fact I think you own it now!!!


Thank you for bringing a warm glow to our forum. 




ooooooo if I own does it mean I can have an EDIT BUTTON lol I am joking about it really. But if I own it you all have to pay me rent yeahhhhhhh going to be richhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

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You're welcome, now get off the internet and back into the kitchen [emoji23]


Kitchen Kitchen what is that ? lol


StonerUK you really should be more specific. Now if you had said back on the kitchen table she would have known what you meant lol


OOOOO Stoner you and I know I can't till you have fixed it lol

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