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What age are you retiring at ?


How old will you be when you retire?  

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  1. 1. How old will you be when you retire?

    • 40`s to early 50`s
    • 53 to 60
    • 60 to 66
    • 66 to 75
    • I dont plan to retire!

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We live in a changing world with changing views and we are generally wealthier than our predecessors?


In years gone by men worked until the age of 65 and women 60 or beyond.


I have spent years building up a business that as cost me dearly over that time; cost me a marriage and missed time with my children. So I am thinking of selling up lock stock and barrel and retiring at a very young age.


However retirement does not mean we stop; it just means we have time for hobbies; dreams etc ?


I just wonder if others have similar plans ?



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I don't plan to retire. I'm hoping to keep working running a small business until i'm 60, i'm 45 now. Then i'm hoping i can get a job, just a few days a week will be good enough, even it was a menial job i'd be happy. I'm not the kind of person who can just sit around doing nothing and would prefer to work than not work. If i could i'd rather run a business part time but i really don't want the stress of employing other people so unless something good comes my way i would be happy working for someone else.

All this depends on good health so plans are always subject to change.

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Having reached 40 last year the thought of another 25 years+ is depressing so can see myself trying to whack as much away as possible over the next 10-15 years then selling up, working part time to keep brain active but travelling round the world. Suppose it also depends on financial needs - kids at uni maybe etc

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Got made redundant at 55 and could not find a decent job so decided that's my working life over .So sold our south London house and moved to the south coast and got a run down bungalow and spent the last two years getting it the way we want But I would like a part time job now as boredom is setting in

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I've just turned 63 and never gave it a thought about retiring.  Get to 65 and then do part time which my company would allow.  However, I now have a grandson who is just over 17 months old and I cannot wait to spend more time with him.  I will go to 65 and then retire.

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if you can afford to retire then i would do it asap


the world is a big place and your only here once so make the most of it! Mostly when your over 65 then your body / mind might be to tired to enjoy retirement


Why work, work and work till you die and then someone else benefits from your hard earned cash...i dont mean leave your loved ones high and dry...but your on this earth once - retire when you can and enjoy it while you can!

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