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Just discovered a new tipple!


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I hate cider as I drank a liter of it in the park when I was a kid, threw up everywhere and haven't touched it since. 


I have however, recently been having urges to drink raspberry juice. I tired all sorts of cordinals etc, but nothing could satisfy this odd craving iv been having. 


Today, I tried Stella's new raspberry cider. It taste nothing like cider, is very refreshing and damm its full of raspberry'ness!


Go give it a shot, 



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I saw it in Asda yesterday and was tempted to try it.

I like the normal stella cidre and grabbed 4 cans for 3 pound instead, very nice flavour and you can really taste the apples. I'll give it a try this week, also the strongbow dark fruit cider is real nice too.

I used to drink the strawberry and lime swedish stuff but got hammered on it last summer and now can't stand the taste.

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