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Please someone tell me what these camera's are!!!


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Ok, these are driving me mad and want to know what they are!!


Recently i have seen portable camera's being put up in various areas around by where i live.  They normally only stay a day or 2.


They are normally tied to lamposts, and they are like go pro camera's or ones like that. there on small metal poles and have a box on the bottom.  Most are on islands and point to the junction's coming up to islands.


There bugging me what they are, im wondering if there DVLA camrea's???  :S


Does anyone know what these are please!!!!!!!

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It's big brother there watching you dude , best get the tin foil hat on .lol


Already done that - and wrapped the inside of the car!!!


I did think it was something of the sort, as it was always coming up to or on islands....


Thought either them or DVLA checking for tax etc.



Cant go no where these days without being on CCTV

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If you were to crash constantly into other people's cars, or have your car broken into, or a crime committed against you then you wouldn't be on cctv at all. Even though we have more cctv than any other country; no-ne ever gets identified by cctv, if someone hits your car the cctv can never show the registration. So what use is it other than to scare people into conforming? I certainly don't think that cctv exists to keep us any safer and crime figures are going up, not down.

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