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Merlin annual pass sale ends today


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A Merlin Annual Pass is the only ticket you need to unlock 12 months of FUN at the UK's top attractions. Visit worlds such as Alton Towers Resort, SEA LIFE, Madame Tussauds, the Coca-Cola London Eye and many more! Worlds bursting with astonishing sights, sensational rides and extraordinary adventures to thrill you, excite you and delight you, and fill your year with laughter, magic and FUN!

Normally £40-£50 per adult for one day out.

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V.good value if you're into this and can go to 5+ attractions in the year, or repeat visits thereof.

Random offers appear all year for these places so not so good if only an occasional visitor as the prices are per person and not per family.


The extra £20 is worth it for unrestricted access and priority entry IMO.


Be aware that London-based attractions are excluded in August and Bank Holidays.

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only thing near me is 2 aquariums (that are only a couple of £ to get into anyway...even less if you take a McD's receipt) or a dungeon in Edinburgh


so ye would only help those in the NE or that London really and even then there a shat load of T&C's to go with it.

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